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Received message from IOTA Committee.
Dear Victor,
Thank you for the data concerning AS-207
The activation of AS-207 as R207RRC is approved/validated for IOTA credit.
The operation was very tough... the RRC team made a lot of IOTA chasers very happy. Your signals in the western US were very strong and the ops were excellent.
All the best to the team and continued success to the RRC.
Best 73,
Bob, K3EST
IOTA Validation Team

Team arrived to Anadyr.

The expedition is completed, all participants are at home.

Team still in Egvekinot  waiting for transportation to Anadyr. 8320 QSOs in a log. Internet in Egvekinot is very slow and there no possibility to upload it into Clublog, but they will continue to try.

Team is greatful to everyone who made financial support to DX-pedition. Since good Internet connection all callsigns will be marked on the site. Thanks a lot!