A fragment of the Hamilton aircraft has survived up to today at the crash site. There is a memorial sign in the form of a propeller blade (from IL-18 airplane) near it.
A plate with an explanatory inscription is attached to the blade. The memorial sign was made and installed in 2016 by Viktor Korotkov (local hunter). He learned about this story from a literary almanac and found American pilots' place of death.

Commemorative sign at the site of the deaths of the pilot Karl Benjamin Eilsen and his flight mechanic Earl Borland.


Commemorative plaque.


Fragment of the Hamilton plane.


GPS data provided by Viktor Korotkov:

Coordinates of the memorial sign by the router «IRIDIUM GO»:

N  68,2512º
W 177,7301º

Coordinates of the memorial sign by tracker «Bushnell»:

N 68º15'04,40"
W 177º43'48,32"

P.S.  the distance from the R207RRC expedition camp to the memorial sign site is about 11 km.