More than 4700 contacts in a log yet. Today (their time) they plan to install 40m antenna and maybe 17m too. In day or so they will start to use FT8 mode too.

Now team has installed 20m 4SQ only. Wind is not strong like before and tomorrow morning (their morning) they plan to install 30m antenna and maybe 40m too. Static QRN went down and team hear better. Everything on schedule yet, station will heat waves until April, 10

Team has arrived to the Kosa Dvukh Pilotov island 1740UTC

R207RRC is on the air. Team has  installed GP for 20m. Plan to install 4SQ on 20m and improve RX. They have big wind now - 20-25 mps. Team is OK.

The team just started their way from Vankarem to the island. Stay tuned.