Team arrived to Vankarem safity. Thei plans then is flight from Vankarem to Egvekinot tomorrow by helicopter. Alext, RA3AV was active on 20m like RA3AV/0 (RDA CK-05, LOC AP27bu)


R207RRC, AS-207 QRT at 2000 UTC 11.04.20. No team on the way to Vankarem. They have to arrive tomorrow and take helicopter to Egvekinot. Probably team will upload the log into Clublog there.

Team plans to be active on the bands until very late Saturday evening, UTC time (their Sunday morning). 17m antenna is up, but no propagation.

Snowstorm is appear and team decided to get down 17 and 40m antennas. The will continue on 30 and 20m full night before departure. 

More than 4700 contacts in a log yet. Today (their time) they plan to install 40m antenna and maybe 17m too. In day or so they will start to use FT8 mode too.